Dita Von Teese


Christmas Pin-up Illustrations by Alberto Vargas c. 1940’s- 1950’s


Last years Christmas Cards with Porcelain in www.ArtificeClothing.com


Fleur of England ‘Geisha’ A/W 2013

Edit: A reader asked why TLA chose to share this collection despite the problematic name, and I want to update this post with my (Cora’s) response.

"Hey, this is Cora, and I made the post. I think that’s a really good question, and I did wrestle with whether or not to share the collection.

The tipping point for me in deciding to go ahead and post the images was asking about why they chose to use the word ‘Geisha.’ Most of the lingerie collections that I’ve seen that use the word ‘geisha’ invoke a number of tired, racist Asian stereotypes. This collection does not; the silhouettes are all classic Fleur of England and the print itself is based on a photograph from Fleur’s own backyard.

When I asked Suzanne, the sales and communications manager behind Fleur of England, why chose the word geisha, she said because of it’s literal meaning of artist or artisan, and because they wanted a word to express the bespoke, artisan nature of both the print and the collection.

For me, the lack of racist imagery plus the explanation provided (i.e. it’s not “Asian-inspired”) was enough to post the collection. I didn’t see using a direct translation of a Japanese word as a de-facto instance of cultural appropriation in this case.

That said, do I wish the collection had a different title? Yes. Am I 100% confident that the way I’m seeing this is the right way? No. Do I think it’s worth discussing and am I glad you asked? Absolutely. I’m definitely open to hearing other thoughts, as I don’t think this is a clear-cut example of cultural appropriation (unlike say, Victoria’s Secret’s openly racist “geisha” costume from a couple of years back).”


More super exciting news, our limited edition Ruby set is arriving with us today (or tomorrow, depending on whether the lift is broken, because you don’t want to see what happens when 8 women try to get 50 heavy boxes up 4 flights of stairs!)

Here it is being worn very well by SINderella Rockafella, with a Pearls & Swine fascinator. You can grab the lingerie and matching pasties here!


Luscious Pearl Designs photographed by Chris Murray


New picture for the amazing Royal Black Couture & Corsetry, showcasing her latest creation “Divina”

It is a sheer overbust corset, decorated with ~7000 Swarovski crystals and a satin fishtail skirt with tulle flounce and some more Swarovski decoration.

This image took me quite a few hours of work, I hope you like it! And also check out my photography page Iberian Black Arts.


Curvy mermaid realness.
Photos by She Devil Pinups
Lingerie by Cacique

(Source: facebook.com)

The Night Porter shot by Bérénice V. for Khube Magazine!
Lingerie by Bordelle & Nichole de Carle.
Models: Tessa Kuragi & Rafael
Stylist: Florence Abelin/Mise en Cage
Stylist assistant: Gemma Fottiti
Mua/Hair: Gwenaëlle Bédouet

(Source: lingeriecollector.com)

"Silver Screen Sirens" portion of the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show